font version

I have made a .otf version of this font as well. There are four heighs. I'm developing one more step (condensed) and a variable font, but that's not finished, I'm still studying this exciting area first. I'm also exploring metatypogrphy, to work with the moduls.

Dana 2.0 font

On top, there are some poster examples I have created with the font in Ai. Those I would love being able to develope on web. I'm working on it, but for the moment, I've just have this. There are four heighs: expanded, semi-expanded, regular and semi-condensed. As I said, I'm working in a fifth, the total condensed one. And I'm working in a variable font.

For the moment I have created different classes for the 4 variants of the family and a class="text_dana_res", that changes acording to the media query they are working in. I hope you like it!

class = ".text_dana_e"